Very Pleased


“Very pleased with their laser hair removal services. Since I heard so many things about them, and have some hair issues I needed to deal with, I decided on their services as they seemed to have the best of mix of high quality work and affordability. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with their services. Laser hair removal is so amazing…I really recommend most people to take advantage of their services!”
– Mongkut

Really An Awesome Thing


“Laser hair removal is really an awesome thing…It most definitely beats shaving everyday. What I appreciated about Laguna is their fair pricing and really cool, qualified staff. Highly recommended by myself!”
– Romeo

Highly Skilled, And Highly Recommended!


“My wife and I come here to enjoy the microdermabrasion services they provide here. Since we live in nearby Chandler, it’s nothing for us to drive over to the lovely community of Gilbert to get expert microdermabrasion services. Highly skilled, and highly recommended!”
– Suzanne

These Guys Are Experts


“These guys are experts at laser tattoo removal serving the phoenix, chandler and gilbert area. I really appreciate the great job at removing these old tattoos, they used to represent me once upon a time, but no longer. Thank you so much Laguna, for your help!”
– Jose

An Amazingly Skilled Staff


“With an amazingly skilled staff overseen by the clinical supervision of Dr. Elisa Mashal MD, this is the top laser hair removal in the phoenix, tempe, mesa, chandler and gilbert areas!”
– Michael

5 Stars!


“A lot of Arizona men don’t think about it, but laser hair removal in Gilbert is good for them too! I mean, don’t men have to shave everyday? Wouldn’t be great to not have to have to keep doing that chore day in day out? Of course! Anybody could use one less chore, even tough guys like me! Laguna is highly recommended for their depth of skill, as well as their friendly staff members, like Darity! 5 stars!”
– Allan

Thanks For All The Good Work You Do!


“I love that laguna is blessed to have such an expert at laser hair and tattoo removal as Dr. Elisa Mashal. Thanks for all the good work you do!”
– Lars

Highly Recommended!


“My wife and I come here to enjoy microdermabrasion in Gilbert. We love how we feel young and fresh again after microdermabrasion services here. Highly recommended!”
– Jerry

Their Pricing Is The Best In Phoenix


“This is the go-to place for laser hair removal in Gilbert, Arizona. Their service and expertise is top-notch, yet their pricing is the best in Phoenix. Can’t ask for much more than that!”
– Alana

I Love Coming Here


“I love coming here for laser hair removal treatments. I live in Gilbert, so it’s just a hop, skip, and jump away from me. Plus they have the best prices in Arizona anyways and a wonderful staff. Thanks Laguna!”
– Jr

Technicians Are Wonderful


“The technicians are wonderful and the prices are more than affordable. I get the same results at half the price.”
– Tiffany S, Scottsdale, AZ

Ilin Was Great


“Ilin was great. At first I was nervous but after my initial consultation all of my questions were answered. My treatment took less than 20 minutes and I barely felt anything.”
– Rachel S, Gilbert, AZ

Thanks To Laguna Laser


“When I would change in the locker room I would hear the murmers of “Sasquatch” or Chew Baka, but not anymore thanks to Laguna Laser. Hair removal has given me the confidence to do activities I would never do before….”
– Jim B, Chandler, AZ

Laguna Laser I Love You!


“I am one of the unfortunate women that have hair were only men should have it. Darity explained that there is a solution to my issues and that I was not alone. I have had only a few treatments and the difference is tremendous. I can now wear tank or halter tops, and again can enter the pool. Thanks again Laguna Laser I love you!”
– Janet T, Mesa, AZ

The One Thing I Can’t Live Without


“Even in a recession the one thing I can’t live without is my laser hair removal. I HATE HAIR!”
– Manny C, Chandler, AZ